DIY Dick's Drive-In Halloween Costumes

Spooky season is officially here and your girl is a HUGE Halloween fan. There may have been Halloween decorations in the office around the beginning of September, but I can neither confirm nor deny those allegations. With that being said, you know we have to have some good DIY Drive-In costumes for you.  If that sounds like your style, read on for step-by-step directions!

First up is our Crew Costume. It's simple, it's classic, it's iconic. This is a beginner-level DIY costume. The most important piece is of course the blue tee. We just so happen to carry them in youth and adult sizes. We usually can get them shipped to you within a week so you still have plenty of time to grab yours now! What's even better is that every order from now until Oct. 20, 2023, containing a Classic Blue tee (any size) will receive a free Halloween treat bag. *While supplies last* The treat bag will have a real paper hat, straight from our restaurant to help your costume be super authentic. You can also find a printable version here. Up next is a pair of black pants and your favorite comfy kicks (or sneakers for those of us who might be Millenials or older.) The last piece is of course a white apron. You can always grab one from your favorite online shopping site, or you can make one super easily. Grab yourself a white hand towel or pillowcase and a piece of string or ribbon. Fold the fabric over your string and tie it around your waist and TA-DA, you have an apron!

Now if you are a more advanced crafter or are looking for a challenge, our Bag of Fries costume is for you. Step-by-step instructions are in the photos.

Supplies needed:

  • 1 cardboard box large enough to fit around your body with at least 6" of extra room. Remove the flaps so it is a square "tube." 
  • 3" thick x 24" wide high-density foam (available at craft stores)
  • Yellow paint
  • White paint
  • Color printer for Logo
  • Glue and/or Hot Glue Gun
  • 1.5" or wider ribbon

We hope this helps inspire you for Halloween and we can't wait to see what you come up with! Make sure to tag us on social media. And don't forget, on Tuesday, Oct. 31st. all children 13 and under in costume who Trick-or-Treat at any Dick's Drive-In location will receive a free Hamburger or Cheeseburger! 

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  • Awesome halloween costumes!! Halloween should be a national holiday!! When is a Dick’s coming to west seattle?


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