The Dick's Drive-In Steer

If you have been to one of our 9 locations around the greater Seattle area, you may have noticed a certain bovine keeping an eye on all of our restaurants. If you haven't, I'm betting you will now! That adorable-looking cow is actually the infamous Dick's Drive-In steer. Yep, steer, not cow, careful who you say cow around, them's fightin' words 😁 Ok, they aren't, but the steer really is a point of pride around here. Before we get to the real story of how he came to be in every store here are a few stories used on crew newbies:

  • One of our high-up OPs team members' dad painted it for us.
  • It's the first cow made into Dick's Drive-In burgers.

Here's the real story: The “Steer” painting was originally given to Dick Spady by a local area meat distributor back in the early 1960s. As the company began to grow, this painting would go on to grace all of the newly built Dick’s Drive-In locations and most recently, the Dick’s Drive-In food trucks and a jigsaw puzzleThe Dick’s Drive-In “Steer” is not just a painting; it is a company icon representing the tireless efforts Dick’s and its faithful crew have for keeping “quality first.”




  • Was the guy that gave the painting to Dick Spady by any chance Bill Eaton of Bill Eatons Meat Market that used to be on Latona and 45th ?

    mike buck
  • I wish you would open a store in Silverdale, WA I got Olympic College and I have to do a report on companies values, I chose your company because I miss going there. Have fun always and thank you.


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