Seattle is headed to the hockey playoffs!

You can ask just about anyone on my team and they will tell you that I personally am not a big fan of "sportsball." Whether or not there is an actual ball involved with the sport, it still falls under the "sportsball" category. But here at the Drive-In, we are big "sportsball" fans, so when Seattle finally got a hockey team,  you know it was a BIG deal. Not only did we have a hockey team but we were the Kraken, a legendary sea monster dating all the way back to the 1700s. How cool is that??? With that much coolness floating around we had to make some incredible merch to match. Turns out it's my favorite merch to wear, and I do, all the time. Then I was lucky enough to attend a couple of games, which we won, and I was hooked! Hockey is officially the exception to the rule when it comes to "sportsball" and I am so pumped that we have made it to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history! With that being said let's take a look back at the awesome designs we've created in our short time as avid hockey fans.

It started back in December of 2020 when the pandemic was still in its first year, most indoor activities were banned and it was the weirdest holiday season ever. From that environment, we created the comfiest mask I've yet to find. It was reversible, had a built-in loop for it to hang around your neck when not in use, and debuted our signature Ice Blue Legends ™ Logo.

Fast forward a few months to May of 2021, we did our first-ever pre-sale with our Home and Away hockey jerseys, and holy moly the response was overwhelming! Featuring that amazing logo, a floating pylon sign buoy, and the "Dick's Drive-In" 54 number, they were an instant hit. 

In August, with only a couple of months left to wait before the first puck drop, we took that same awesome logo and put it on a navy tee and a women's tank top. We wanted to make sure y'all could show off that Seattle pride during any type of weather.

In October it was finally go-time, the season had officially started! We wanted to make sure we could keep you warm rink side so we released a navy blue hoodie. Not wanting to overplay the now-classic logo we also released a monochromatic, light blue version of our tee.

In November we released all of our new holiday items just in time for our annual Orange Weekend sale. Among those new items were our Ice Blue Legends ™ beanie and matching scarf. The beanie rocked a clean color block design in Kraken colors which perfectly matched the reversible scarf with its pylon sign and signature tile pattern. 

For the start of the 2022-23 season, we brought back the classic tee but in white and black for a crisp clean, timeless look. We also partnered with our friends Findlay Hats down in Portland, OR. They created a killer embroidered version of our logo on their snapbacks, complete with their signature laces and hidden pockets. 

With the playoffs right around the corner, and our team doing amazing things, you can bet we will have more great merch coming at ya to wear while making all your favorite hockey, and burger-related memories. 

Timeline of Dick's Drive-In hockey inspired apparel ranging from Dec. 2021 to Oct. 2022

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