Past April Fool's Jokes

April is finally here and that of course means that April Fool’s has also arrived. This year we announced the first ever Dick’s Drive-In almost semi-pro pickleball team. We might not have an actual team but we did launch our new Pickleball Sets. It’s kind of a big dill if I do say so myself. 


With April Fool’s over for 2024,I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of my personal favorites from years past. 


After 37 years, the Drive-In was finally expanding and planning to open it’s new location in Edmonds. On April 1st, 2011 disaster struck with a sinkhole opening up at the construction site!



In 2013 there was some VERY wishful thinking as we announced that the new Seattle Sonics team logo was switching to our iconic orange and blue colors. Now if only we could have announced they were moving back to Seattle…..


In 2021 we introduced Ricardo’s Reserve 19, our very own custom bourbon with a Northwest flair. Man, people were bummed that this one wasn’t real!


And last not but not least, at least for this recap, was 2023’s amazing Eau de Parfum de Pomme Frite by Ricardeaux. That’s right, a french fry scented perfume, what will we think of next?

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