May the Fourth Be With You!

And that disturbance was UFOs!

Or maybe it was our super cool 55th Anniversary UFO Poster and Tee, but who am I to say?  I guess I am the person to say since I'm the author of the blog.  You got me, it was officially the poster and t-shirt option. In 2009 Dick's Drive-In was turning 55 and we had our first-ever poster design contest as part of the celebration. Greg Swanson, retired Boeing computer support tech and lifelong Dick's fan, submitted an out-of-this-world piece of art that became our famous UFO Design. Then in 2011, it was all solar systems go for our newest restaurant in Edmonds to open. Since the UFO was such a hit for our anniversary celebration we brought it back in an extremely limited run for the Edmond's Grand Opening festivities. The UFO design was simplified and changed to black and white. Then the "Follow me to the new Dick's in Edmonds" tagline was added. I mean, who doesn't want to follow a UFO to some yummy burgers? Genius move if you ask me.

Fast forward to 2015 when it was time for the release of the 1st movie of the Star Wars sequels. Well, the 2nd round of sequels, but the first round of sequels were technically prequels, but we don't really talk about those movies ;) And let's be honest, Star Wars really is some of the most OG UFOs. Hence, the Dick's Drive-In Star Wars tee was created.

I personally wasn't a part of the Drive-In team in 2015 but I have to imagine that the thought process went something like this: in a galaxy far, far away and a long time ago would our food still be delicious? YES. Would the Deluxe, Fry, and Shake still be one of the best orders? YES. Is "The Last French Fry" a funny pun? YES. Well, then we've got ourselves a shirt design. I think the only thing we missed out on was some sort of Darth Tater reference but we can save that for next time. 

Whether you are a sci-fi fan, a Star Wars fan, a Dick's fan, or all of the above, May the Fourth Be With You (and also a Deluxe, Fry, and Shake!)

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