Baseball season has officially started!

We here at Dick's Drive-In are pretty big fans of Seattle sports. But when it comes to baseball, Jasmine Donovan, DDIR President and CFO, is the BIGGEST fan. With that much love for America's favorite pastime floating around you know we had to make some amazing merch that we could share with our customers. Today is opening day for the 2023 baseball season so it seemed like the perfect time to take a stroll down merch memory lane. 

Back in 2015, we launched our Baseball Tee for the crew and our customers. You could even buy them in restaurants! Ah, the good old days.  With a combination of modern Mariners' colors and classic Dick's Drive-In elements, it was the perfect tee to show off your Seattle pride. 

That tee was such a hit that you asked us to revamp it with the OG colors. You asked we listened, and in 2018 we re-launched our Baseball Tee in classic blue and yellow. Not only did we change the colors, we also released a women's cut tee for all of our female sports fans. 

We took another bit of a break before coming back strong in 2021 with a raglan sleeve design still rocking the classic blue and yellow. With the Seattle skyline and Dick's Cloud logo, it was definitely a hit! 

2022 was a BIG year for Seattle fans. With an outstanding season and playoff wins the fans were out in force! This year brought us back to modern team colors and nods to some of the greatest players throughout the years. It also brought our first baseball-designed women's tank.

And that brings us to 2023 with another HUGE year for Seattle sports fans. Not only are we coming off of a banner year in 2022, but the mid-summer classic is headed to Seattle! With such a homerun of a year ahead of us, we had to up our game. Our design team came up with three incredible jersey designs and then you, our customers, voted for which one/s we should make. I'm excited to announce that the Throwback will be hitting the late April-early May! 

Timeline of baseball tees 2015-23

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