Get to Know Our Team - Part 6

It's time for part six of getting to know our amazing Dick's Drive-In team and this time we are headed back to our Marketing team and our Project Assistant extraordinaire, Ali Massey! She is one of the newest members of the team but she has quickly taken on whatever crazy tasks we manage to come up with. From helping to schedule the food truck, to doing burger deliveries, helping at the apparel pop-ups and even modeling for the online store, she is doing it all! 

What is a short description of your job?

I help out with private food truck rentals, an assortment of marketing activations and social media!

How long have you been with the Drive-In?

 I have been here for just 7 months now!

How did you get involved with the Drive-In?

I got lucky enough to meet Fawn and Jim a little while ago through another opportunity and they expressed that I could be a good fit for my position. They connected me with Chelsea, who hired me. I couldn't be happier to be here! 

What is your go-to Drive-In order?

A special, 1 fry and a coke!

What is your favorite menu item to recommend others should try?

I love our cookies and cream ice cream (even though I shouldn't eat it) 

What is your favorite Online Store item (so far?)

PNW Tattoo Hoodie, of course! 

What is your favorite Drive-In memory?

My fondest memory with the drive-in that I can remember is being like 3 years old, sitting on the curb at the Broadway location with my mom and sister. We loved to walk from our apartment and stop there for an ice-cream break. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to travel, work on my photography, hang out with my incredible friends, and help out at my parents bar (shoutout Last Call in Fremont)! 

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