Get to Know Our Team - Part 4

It's time for part four of getting to know our amazing Dick's Drive-In team and this time we are headed back to the online store. If you have ordered anything from the Online Store since July of 2023 there is a pretty good chance that this person got your order ready for you. This month we meet Lissy's amazing online store assistant, Tiffani Rice!

What is a short description of your job?

I readily assemble, address, stamp, and ship merchandise ordered by our online customers!

How long have you been with the Drive-In?

7 months.

How did you get involved with the Drive-In?

I have known about Dick's and their culture since vacationing in Seattle the spring of 2019. After moving to Federal Way in 2023 and seeing the new restaurant location, I searched for jobs and found this amazing shipping coordinator position!

What is your go-to Drive-In order?

Deluxe, with fries, Sprite, and an extra tartar sauce!

What is your favorite menu item to recommend others should try?

Vanilla float is incredible!

What is your favorite Online Store item (so far?)

The Root Beer Float candle!

What is your favorite Drive-In memory?

Being a part of the DDIR 3-day Federal Way opening event! The music, face painting, and speeches were great to witness.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Listening to new true crime cases, doing a morning yoga routine, or watching Reality TV shows (such as 90 Day Fiancé or Sister Wives).

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  • I sure wish you’d come up to Bellingham or at least Whatcom County and put in a Dick’s Burger up here I’m pretty sure you’d make Bank, please consider it.

    Patrick Daugherty

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