Get To Know Our Team part 3

It's time for part three of getting to know our amazing Dick's Drive-In team and this time we are headed over to our OPS department. The Operations team are the behind-the-scenes heroes that keep the restaurants running. From cutting paychecks and ordering supplies to making sure all of the tech works and so much more, they make it happen. This month we meet our tech guru extraordinaire, Stefan Bennett. 

What is a short description of your job?

I oversee anything technical/IT related at the Drive-In; Internet, network infrastructure, network security, computers, point of sale, security cameras, alarm systems, door access systems, website uptime/reliability, and phones as well as some accounting/reconciliation behind the scenes. 

How long have you been with the Drive-In?

 About 2.5 years

How did you get involved with the Drive-In?

I actually worked with my current boss Jeanne for about 6 years prior to me coming on board. If you remember when the Drive-In started to accept credit cards for the first time? That was me. I worked with the Drive-In on the implementation for about a year before rolling it out and then supported the payments side of things for a few years before coming on board full-time.

What is your go-to Drive-In order?

Depending on my mood it is either a Deluxe or two cheeseburgers.

What is your favorite menu item to recommend others should try?

Kona Coffee Ice Cream

What is your favorite Online Store item (so far?)

It would be between the Dick's Drive-In Flannel 2.0 or the Deluxe Menu Hat by Findlay.

What is your favorite Drive-In memory?

My wife and I volunteered with a youth group for about 15 years and we started an annual event called the 5 Stop Burger Hop. We'd pile the kids in a bus and over the course of an evening drive to the 5 Dick's locations that were around at the time and they'd get 5 dollars to spend at each location. Each time we'd rope a few kids into eating a Deluxe at every stop. Once Edmonds opened we upped it to a 6 Stop Burger Hop, that got even more interesting...

What do you like to do outside of work?

I'm a big craft cocktail and hard cider fan. I have been very into reading anything booze related in the last few years; mostly the history of alcohol throughout civilization, notable characters, cocktail history, prohibition, One of my favorites so far is a book by Mallory O'Meara called Girly Drinks. She takes you on an engaging jaunt through the history of alcohol and how women have been at the basis of nearly everything related to alcohol production, culture, and innovation. It is very fascinating. I started bouldering/climbing last year so I've gotten into that pretty heavily. All indoor. I climb 2-3 days a week and am a member at the Seattle Bouldering Project. It allows me to be physically active, solve problems, and be able to go with or without people and not have to worry about tons of equipment and whatnot.

Anything else you would like to share? 

I like buffalos.

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