Get To Know Our Team part 2

As I've said before, none of what I do would be possible without the amazing Marketing team that I am a part of. For part 2 in the "Get To Know Our Team" series we are meeting my boss and all-around Project Manager extraordinaire, Chelsea Young.

What is a short description of your job?

I have such a fun job. From product development, customer enhancement, and community investment, I get the opportunity to lead positive change internally, focus on customer needs, and connect the Drive-In to our local community. 

How long have you been with the Drive-In?

Four years.

How did you get involved with the Drive-In?

I had the pleasure of working with my previous employer for 12 years. The Drive-In job opportunity came as an unexpected surprise while scrolling on LinkedIn and being in the right place at the right time!

What is your go-to Drive-In order?

My current Drive-In order is - Cheeseburger, Fry, Tarter, and Medium Diet Coke.

What is your favorite menu item to recommend others should try?

Always.... I mean ALWAYS eat your fries before your burger!

What is your favorite Online Store item (so far?)

I'm a sucker for the cold weather in the PNW - so any of our crew neck sweatshirts are my fave.

What is your favorite Drive-In memory?

The Lake City Drive-In was our "go-to" spot after a late high school event. Stopping by with a group of friends, enjoying the delicious food while people watching was the perfect way to end the night.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy playing softball, camping in the summer, vacationing at our families cabin on Hood Canal and spending as much time with my husband and two daughters, Taylor, 10, and Olivia, 5, as possible.


  • Congrats Chelsea! You are the best wife, mother, daughter and for sure a perfect and beautiful niece! You make your family proud!

    Suzie Johnson
  • Chelsea – you are the best of the best!!!

    Catherine Correa
  • Chelsea is very dedicated to her job ! It is so important to her promote all the positive things and time that Dick’s does for it’s customers and the communities they serve. We need more businesses like Dick’s!

    Janie Cooper

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