Federal Way Grand Opening is TWO WEEKS AWAY!

Our ninth location, Federal Way, will be opening in exactly two weeks! 

Can you believe it? I sure can't! Behind the scenes, we have been talking about this day for months, and now it is suddenly here. It seems like we had our big groundbreaking party just yesterday, but that was nine months ago! Our groundbreaking party was a pretty big deal, but our Grand Opening party is going to be a HUGE DEAL spanning three days (July 27 - 29.)

Over here in the online store, we are receiving and packing up all the fun merch we plan to bring to our pop-up store. We have at least four new items that won't be released anywhere but the pop-up store. Along with those items, we will have a bunch of our new summer items and fan favorites. Definitely come ready to eat AND shop!

Our marketing team, which includes yours truly, is also running at full speed to get all of the details for the weekend buttoned up and ready to go. Tents and tables have been rented, fancy ribbons and scissors have been ordered, VIPs have been invited and so much more. There are going to be so many fun things to see, do and eat that you won't want to miss it. Each day is going to be different with extra surprises that you'll only find out about if you show up. 

We are absolutely thrilled to be sharing this momentous occasion with all of you. And if you happen to be there make sure to stop by the apparel booth and say hi, I would love to meet you!

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  • Yesssss! Federal way is inching closer to me in Olympia! Basically no reason 5o go to Seattle, anymore!

    I’m so stoked to hopefully be at the grand opening. I’m in need of some merch!

    Kirk leonard

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