Customer Stories Volume 1

As much fun as it is to always talk about us and our own stories, we want to hear you talk about us! Just kidding! But in all honesty, we love hearing stories from our customers about their favorite Drive-In memories. And since we have been around since 1954, we know there are some great ones out there! So, technically, we do want to hear you talk about us, but only in regard to your great Dick's Drive-In memories. Here are some of our faves we have received so far. If you would like to share your favorite memory for a chance to be featured in a future blog post submit your story here

"My Grandma lived 3 blocks from the Dick's on 45th. As a child on Sunday, my dad and I would walk down and get Dick's food. I remember how excited I was for the fries and burgers… my grandma would cut up pickles and make root beer floats, and our Sunday dinner was just so amazing. I live in Nebraska now, but I can still taste those cheeseburgers and fries. Thank you for being such a great place." -- Rebecca S.

"Every year we celebrate our baby Bailey's Birthday at Dick's. She gets her own burger and mom of course shares her shake with her. This year Bailey turned 11" -- Suzie B. 

Two dogs eating Dick's Drive-In Food


"My late husband, Walt Timpe, loved Dick's Drive-In. He took me to the Lake City location back in 1969 on our first date. Fast forward 52 years to last August when Dick's honored Walt with a Hamburger Heaven T-shirt and car show. Our niece and nephew-in-law created a gingerbread house in Walt's and Dick's honor. How cool was that!" -- Kathy T.

"Dicks milkshakes instead of a wedding cake! Married June 25th, 2022" -- Elizabeth E.

People drinking Dick's Drive-In milkshakes

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  • Going back a few years I had a new coworker move to the Seattle area. She had never heard of Dicks before so of course I had to induct her into the Seattle lifestyle. We of course became friends and was invited to her wedding and her kids babyshowers.


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