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I'm sure if you have ever been to one of our restaurants you may have noticed our "Change for Charity" signs. When you donate to our Change for Charity program they round up your order to the nearest whole dollar and then Dick's takes that change and splits it up between our amazing charity partners. Occasionally we will do what is called a "Takeover" where all of those donations from a certain time frame will go to a specific charity. Sometimes it's one of our normal charity partners (like Mary's Place "No Child Sleeps Outside" every December) and sometimes it's a special partner (like World Vision's Turkey and Syria Earthquake Response program.) What's great is that we also do charity donations through online store sales!

There are 3 (that's right, THREE!) ways to donate through the online store. The first is super easy, simply buy one of our products! Just about every single item in the store donates $1 for everyone that is sold. Buy a tee? Boom! You donated $1 without doing anything more than buying a tee! How cool is that? The next way is we have an item specifically called "Change for Charity." It's a $1 item and you can "buy" as many as you like. Every $1 you "buy" is donated straight to the charity pot. The last option is when you get to check out. There is the option to add 5, 10, or 15% of your purchase or any custom amount you want right to your order. And just like in the restaurants, we will sometimes do a Takeover of the online store as well. For all of June, the online store donations are going to the amazing folks over at PAWS. They help cats, dogs, and wild animals go home and thrive. 

If you haven't figured it out by now we are really big fans of donating to our charity partners and we can't begin to thank you enough for helping us do that.

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