Celebrate FW Grand Opening with a DIY Project!

The day has finally gotten here! We are opening up our ninth location in Federal Way! I'm kinda a crafty girl so I decided the best way to show my excitement was to take my newest Dick's Drive-In tee and give it a little pizazz! I'm generally not hard to miss at our events as I am the one with the pink hair, but a nice fringe t-shirt also helps you stand out as the official Merch Queen. 

MATERIALS: Tee - Sharp Scissors - Ruler - Pen

1) Grab your favorite DDIR Tee, maybe 1 of our brand new Federal Way Grand Opening tees ;)
One that is slightly oversized works best.
2) Put your shirt on inside out and mark where you would like the fringe to start.
Do not use a non-permanent pen. No sharpies! 
3) On the inside of the tee, measure the distance from the hem to your mark. Use your ruler to mark a horizontal line where the fringe starts all the way around the tee. Cut off the hem. 
Use a ruler to mark approx. 1" sections vertically at the new bottom edge and the fringe start line.
Make sure you will end up with an even # of strips.
4) Cut the fringe and try on again to make sure you like the length. Longer fringe tends to look better and is easier to work with.
If you don't want a cropped look try an extra-long tee to start with.
5) When you are happy with the length stretch out all of the fringe pieces. 
6) Take one piece of fringe and tie it to the piece next to it. Double knot and stretch out the tied fringe.
Repeat until all pieces are connected, try to keep them close to the same distance down from the fringe start line.
7) Your knot now has two "legs." Tie the left "leg" from one knot to the right "leg" of the knot next to it. Double knot. 
Repeat until all pieces are connected, try to keep them close to the same distance down from the 1st row of knots.
8) Give all of the pieces one last pull to stretch them out. Put on your shirt and show off your crafty skills! 
EXTRAS: If you like you can also cut the sleeves shorter or all the way off to make a tank.
I've also cut out a small vee shape in the center front collar.
Have fun and make it your own! 

If you DIY your shirt make sure to share in the comments or on social media and tag us @dicksdrivein


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