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Have you ever wondered how a new merch item comes to life here at the Drive-In? If you have, this is the blog for you! If you haven't, keep reading, it's a neat-o look behind the screens of the creative minds here at Dick's Drive-In.

 Today we are looking at our soon-to-be-released Sasquatch tee. That's right, not only is this a behind-the-scenes look, but it's also a sneak peek at new merch! Now aren't you glad you came on over to read our post? The Sasquatch Tee actually started out as an idea for a hat back at the beginning of 2022. We were working with our awesome friends Findlay Hats on ideas for some new collaborations. I don't know about you but when I think of iconic PNW things I immediately think of Dick's Drive-Ins and Sasquatch. Ok, maybe not, but you have to admit they are both pretty iconic here in the PNW. So, with those two items in mind, we took the silhouette of Bigfoot from the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film and said, "What if he was just on his way back to the forest to continue being the all-time hide-and-seek champion after grabbing a bite to eat at Dick's?" And so the Sasquatch patch was born and made its debut on a Findlay hat in June 2022. 

The hat was such a big hit that immediately started sketching out ideas for a t-shirt version in August. We all loved it but it just wasn't quite there yet. To tide everyone over until we figured out the tee design, we took several more designs, including the awesome welcome sign that is hidden on the inside of the Findlay hat, and had them made into our PNW Sticker Pack. Also a big hit! In September we moved on to version 2 of the design. Again, it was so close but just not quite right yet. After September we fell into the chaos that is retail around the holidays and our tee design went into hibernation until April 2023 when it made a triumphant return! Our amazing Design Director had dialed in all of those special details to make the perfect Sasquatch tee. 

Now all of that was just the design process! With the final design in hand, we sent the order off to our incredible supply partner Ink Inc. Then it was off to production! Check out the video below to see all the steps our products go through to get to you! Once the shirts get delivered to us it's your E-Commerce team's time to shine. We inventory all the shirts, fold them all up, and get them ready for shipment. We set up a photo shoot for our new star, take the photos, edit them and get them onto the online store. Once all of that is finally done it's time to release them into the wild for you, our customers to capture and bring home. 

Thanks for joining me on this small look into a day in the life of the Merch Queen. Keep an eye out for this, and several other fun PNW-themed items, releasing soon!

Sasquatch Tee Timeline



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  • This is so fun, thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to get one of these new shirts!

    Chelsea Young

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