Around the World with Dick's Drive-In

Konichiwa! Your Merch Queen just came back from a 2-week vacation that included a week in Tokyo. I just might have celebrated a big birthday in December and figured I should definitely celebrate it at Tokyo Disney which also happens to be celebrating the same big birthday. With that being said, I am playing the catch-up game and getting back in the swing of things so I thought now would be a good time for a Dick's Drive-In trip around the world (in photo form.) 

Since I started with the Drive-In I have been lucky enough to head to Las Vegas, Austin, and now Tokyo, Japan. And since I am the official Merch Queen I always have to take some of my favorite merch items with me on these travels. What's really neat is that I am not the only one. In searching through the archives, the memory books and even our social media, I came across some amazing photos of people rocking their favorite swag all around the country and the world. Their journeys look incredible, where have your journeys taken you? Share your photos and memories! 

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