2023 Recap

It may be a tiny bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Last year flew by and was full of so many amazing things, it's hard to believe it's over! Let's take a look back at some of my faves:

  • February - Ricardo's Club 19 was bigger and better than ever
  • March - We went to Austin,TX and worked with incredible artists and models
  • April - We collaborated with Noir Lux Candle Co. and released a Strawberry Milkshake candle which we couldn't keep on the shelves!
  • July - We had a massive three-day party celebrating the opening of our ninth restaurant in Federal Way
  • July/August - We participated in the Torchlight parade for the first time and sponsored the Seafair Car Show
  • October - We had the cutest turnout of trick-or-treaters show up for free burgers on Halloween
  • November/December - We crushed the holiday shopping season, sending out over 2,600 orders to 46 states in the US!
  • December - We sold and shipped our first-ever batch of frozen cheeseburgers 

Here's to a new year full of so many more delicious memories!

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